Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boxes,Acts and Mexican Food

So last week or was it the week before last? I can't remember.

I went to meet Esther and we headed down to meet our Drama people and headed to Raffles Hotel to watch Ms.Claudia and Ms.Gerri perform!

There were other performances as well and it was well,not bad. A few were pretty awful but it's all for a good cause so all's good.

Sitting beside Varsha and Vicki! Double Vs

Esther being her usual *photographer*

Before everything starts.

Getting us all ready for the performance!
As cameras aren't allowed,I couldn't take any pictures! But Ms.Claudia and Ms.Gerri were great. It was quite abstract and I couldn't understand some parts but their acting skills were good!

After the performance and we all scurry to the washroom!

Hahahaha look at our candid plus Rachel's uhem usual pose.

All the girly girls are here while the rest are camera shy:(

EK and I!

Striding in style

After taking like half an hour OR more to get to Varsha's Dad's restaurant,we had mexican food and it  was something new! I doubt I had mexican food before and well I think it's awesome! hehehehe Too bad Jabez and Shiwei weren't working there if not it'll be funny for them to serve us. haha

Group Shot!

& lastly,the signboard! hahahaa

I had a great Sunday with them as we chit chat in the train talking about uhem stuff which CANNOT be disclosed publicly on blogs OR twitter ahahaha but we had a great laugh and certain things and well,I spilled my secret. Typical me,ya I know. hehehe but I know they will keep the secret to themselves! xoxo

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