Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alfred's Birthday

So yesterday I celebrated Alfred's birthday with a bunch of the usuals! We had steamboat. hahah Sorry Alfred it's not something special or something extravagant but it's homely and I really hope you enjoyed it!

Our two beloved ladies who helped us did everything.thanks babe!

Our boys playing poker.

Mario and I!

Durian time!


hahaha Girl Girl cake for Girl Girl!


So cute! hahaha

Zihui and I! hahaha Pigudong!

Gay Mario and I!

Birthday boy and I!

Zhen wei and I!

Mahjong khakis!

Mary and I!

Mary and Alfred!




Husband and I!

We look like ghosts! haha

The 3 musketeers!

Yay Thank God for Alfred and I really hope that he'll have a great year ahead and I had a great time! Thanks Jet for the wine! It was good. heheheh. I loveeeeeeee alcohol.

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