Thursday, July 22, 2010

Racial Harmony!

It was Racial Harmony Day yesterday and I had a lot of fun! Gurvin brought something for me to wear and I brought my camera so throughout the day I was taking pictures with those who're wearing ethnic clothings too! It was my last year and I really want to do something special!

Here are the pictures with all the awesome and hot babes/dudes that wore ethnic costume for the last time! And shame on those who didn't! hahahhaha It's the last year! You should do something unique! And to Boo who didn't come,you missed a lot of fun!;(

Super cute Myra!

Two pretty girls with awesome smiles!

Us Girls taking photos in the toilet, haha don't ask why.

Hmm... first shot of the outfit with the girls helping me make it tighter!

Do I look like an Indian? hahahahha

Puiyuan is super shy! 

With my husband,Andrei!

Forced JiaChang and Andrei to take a picture with me!

Pui Yuan and Esther! 

Ashley and Michelle!

Us with Varsha looking gorgeous! 
 Haha I was experimenting with the scarf as a headband in Biology Class.

With Everyone dressed up! 

Haha Farah's so cute and nerdy! 

Perry fooling around and the girls!

hahaha Gaygified. 

With Najah looking fabulous as usual. 

The purple-obsessed Rachel and Syazana! 

Tiffany and I! <3

Marie and I! We look like two bimbos no? hahahahah

Thanks Gurvin for the outfit!

All the pretty girls! 

With the guys! Anisah took me while I wasn't prepared. Candid much!

Ending this post with a blast!

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