Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lost and Turn around

Wednesday,Yong Qi,Xiao'en and I went to Waterfront Park and well,play! haha

We climbed the rope 'castle' haha ('cause I think it looks like castle)
& Yongqi spun us while xiao'en and I sat on this spinning thing! It was so fun! We kept laughing and laughing!

Evil Xiao'En laughing at Yongqi 'cause she couldn't get down!  hahahaha ok I was a part of it too.

Boo & I! <3 Thanks for standing by me.

Xe and Yongqi!

Yay the three of us!

We walked over to the jetty side and took pictures and fool around! haha

we took the pictures and hang out for the last time 'cause Yongqi is heading to Thailand!:( But thank God she's back! hahaha

Alright,back to service!<3 xoxo

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