Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A day in the sun

Around 2 weeks ago I went to celebrate my eldest sister's birthday at Sentosa! My 2nd sister had a resort at Siloso Beach and I went there to chill out. Sat beside the pool and read MKA's new book! I love it! It's filled with interviews about people that inspires them and influenced them as well as themselves.

After that I headed back to the resort and met the rest of my sisters plus their partners. Sadly,I don't have one.

We went to Azzura and had snacks,played monopoly card deal and I swim a bit. Took pictures with my sisters in a bubble jacuzzi. Too bad I don't have the pictures with me! It's with my sister. Hope she will upload it!

We went back to the resort after awhile,bathed and ate at Chillis! It was ok I guess. haha not the best food but it was expensive! My sisters spent like $200 on food for like 1 and a half meals. Thank God for my sisters!

This is the best dessert I've ever had! It's officially on my top list of desserts beside cookie monster mudpie!

Yummy yummy food!

My 3rd sister and I!<3

The two couple! 

haha shock factor x2!

& Also Happy Belated Birthday to my eldest sister and I thank you for everything! my blackberry too<3

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