Sunday, July 18, 2010

987fm Launch Party!

Friday was a whole mess of rush,rush and more rush! haha
Headed to Tiff's then to my place to make up and do all the rest of the things with Rina's help and yongqi lazing on my bed eating snacks!

We took the train and cab to Scape 'cause we were late! But instead,we waited for an hour before we could get in! :(  Saw Varsha and Kaijun and we went in together! Took pictures too.

There were performances from band,Q and A by Muttons, Dance crew, Sylvia and Sezairi!  It was great! I took pictures with the DJs and they perk up the night.

Our 987fm Stamp!

Headed to Old Town Coffee Cafe to have drinks and we took the train home.

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