Monday, June 7, 2010

Over the hills,over you.

So I was thinking of another career. Other than being a dj. I'm not going to tell you guys what it is. Yet. I wanna do up some stuff before telling people about it! I've found a new hobby recently. And I hope I'll stick to it. Never been a fan of keeping hobbies. I'm now reading another suicidal book. This book isn't as great as the one I read before. I wanna search for more suicide books. I'm never going to do it but I'd love to imagine doing it. 'Cause I know what's waiting for me at the end of my life if I commit suicide: hell. I don't really wanna go there for eternity. It's just not worth it. To suffer for eternity for some problems in your life. That's an inane act.
I wasted last week doing nothing exactly. Hung out with friends,had fun but I didn't study at all. This week will be fruitful. I've been spending time alone this few days. Or I just felt exceptionally lonely. Never been much of a loner. But now I'm adapting to my new morbid mundane life. I'll have fun after O's. I don't need another problem in my life right now. I just need a break from people and I need to end all attachments. Feelings or no feelings. 'Forgive the person who broke your heart', extracted from Gossip Girl. Oh well, I guess I can do that. But for now,I'm going to stay solo. I'm not going to hang out much I guess. My room is really in a huge mess and I have to pack and tidy it up. Really feel like going Ikea this week. Maybe I'll go alone? Hmm... Sigh. Imma be lonelygirl_94. Hahaha I know. Stop rolling your eyes. Go find something better to do than read my blog. I'm going to read my book. Xoxo
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