Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flying with angel's wings.

My blog is officially dead. My computer isn't fixed!! I need help. Sigh. But thank God it's dead now,'cause it enables me to lose another distraction from God and studies. Also, O levels is coming so soon! That's why I can't blog! :(
Oh and I really hope omy gives me the tix for 'despicable me'! Haha I really wanna watch that.
School started on monday and it was full blow stress. No relaxing,no slacking,no nothing. Yes stress,LOTS of homework. So I really need time. Cutting down on hanging out and all that. For God's glory and my future!
Nick came to our school today. He was inspiring and I really like him. He's funny and he's cute and he thank God for everything he has gone through. He doesn't have limbs but he can be happy with what he has. So why can't I be satisfied? So yup I'm learning little by little everyday. Love is a very important element.
Haven't been going out lately,except to bible study and makan after school. Not planning to go out anyway! Just gonna hang out at tiff's place and at bible study and maybe church and nowhere else. Gotta keep my focus! Good luck to everyone taking O's! God bless y'all<3
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