Friday, June 11, 2010

Drama Club Farewell Ceremony

Jethro came over that day and fixed my computer! I love him so much now. hhahaha

I went for remedial last week,went to the library to get some books and came home with Jethro. We chilled and had lunch.

After that, I went to meet Mario and we headed off the Drama with Rachel.

Esther taking picture of us while Marie as usual turns away from the camera! haha

Ms.Gerri and Ms.Claudia bought pizzas for us! hahaha It was awesome as only the sec4s had pizza while the rest of them had sucky food. hahahaha!

Ms. Gerri! I'd totally miss her!
Marcus look kinda hot here. HAHA!

I was so shy HAHA

We headed to the 4th floor and had speech and all that. I didn't really know what to say so I spouted nonsense but I really was touched by everything they've planned! The candles and all! Rachel was like going on and on and it was really sweet and I felt the same way. That we've gone a long way!

We headed back to the Drama Room and they had like performances and at the end some of us were called up to sing,dance or just have fun! It was totally awesome and hilarious!

The 2 years I've spent in the Drama Club though short,it was really sweet and fun and I learn a lot of things. I've made new friends,express myself and did something I want to do in secondary school. All thanks to Ms.Claudia who introduced me to Drama Club. I hope the juniors will do the club proud by getting at least a silver for SYF next year! Good luck and God Bless y'all!

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