Sunday, June 13, 2010

Azzura Sentosa Surge 2 Party

Ok. I have seriously made my blog into some depressed ghastly space. I certainly do not want my blog to be like that. Haha 'Cause it'll be pathetic if my life is like this. & I won't be doing justice to those who're by my side,cheering me up and spending time with me! I did facial with Tiffany on Thursday! Boy,it hurts like shit! Srsly:( I almost died in there. haha But My sister want to do it with me soon! Oh well, for beauty's sake! I headed to meet Andrew to get tickets from him for Friday's party! haha He's super hot. Met Rina then headed to town to get her dress!

On Friday, I went to Tiff's after remedial and headed to my place with her while meeting Rina at cwp first. They came over to doll themselves up for the party @ Sentosa after! We make up, do up our hair and thankfully Tiff's uncle fetch us over!

We went there like super early! So we camwhored a bit and headed in when the doors open.


My 2 gfs!

My gf!<3 Thanks for standing by me! 

Rina,Tiff and Ash!<3

Watched Andrew and Aaron poker and Aaron won! haha But I still support Andrew!

Then we danced,and drank and dance some more. Too bad the police came and the party ended early. Sigh. Just when I start to feel like dancing. Oh well. There's still next time!

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