Sunday, June 20, 2010

Around the edges of my heart

I told Yong Qi I was going to write a blog post tonight. So here I am. I don't really have much to blog about. No pictures or anything. I've been hanging out with the girls this week and I really thank God for them being here for me! Yong Qi stayed over on thursday! Really thank God for her constant company and everything. Without her, I think I'll still be wallowing in self-pity(like what someone commented on my formspring said). Haha & bryan as well. Stayed over at my sister's place a few days ago. Played with my cute little nephew! Haha but he can be a lil' devil at times! Bible study was enriching and I learn a lot. God taught me to be merciful and all that. But other than God, I've had my times with Satan. Times where I really wanna pick up my old habit. But thinking about how it would hurt the people that care about me,I really can't bear to start. Listening to Gary Cao's CD now. Esther, you remember? Hahaha we loved him like crazy 3 years ago? Haha when we were in secondary 1! How time flies I must say. Again. Haha I know I've said this like SO many times. Sigh. I don't know what I should do. Church tomorrow. Should I go? Hmm... Yes and I finally managed to buy gel liner!! Next on my list will be pressed powder. I wanna get MAC's powder. Need to save money! I've to look for a job. I called kinokuniya but the chances of me working there is really slim. I've planned my day well already. if I'm going to church, I'll head to the library after that to return books and get more books. I wanna be a bookworm! Haha sigh. I wanna go shopping! But I'm super broke:( yay! Heading out with Esther on Tuesday for a photoshoot outing plus shopping(for her). That's why I need an outfit!! But I guess I'll have to make do with what I have in my lousy closet.
Next week will be spent studying! I've to study! I don't get why I'm not worried about my O's. Seriously I'm crazy. Hahaha oh and I'm so not looking forward to school.
While studying with Esther today,we saw Varsha,Rachelle and Perry! & Varsha gave Esther and I keychains! So cute. Haha thanks babe!
Sometimes I really cannot comprehend myself. I don't know why I'm so naïve and so gullible. Stupid enough to suck in all the blame. Stupid enough to not stand up for myself. Stupid enough for believing that you're a great guy. That I can get lied to relentlessly. Sigh. Shall not end this post on a sad note!
Stayed over at tiff's yesterday! Watched Silent Hill,Meet Dave,The Mist and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttons. We watched until 5! Haha we did mask for each other as usual and chatted. Love her! Haha ok I've to sleep and decide again tomorrow whether I should head to church. G'night/xoxo
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