Thursday, May 27, 2010

When I stop dreaming about you

Sorry I've not been updating my blog. My computer have virus and I can't use it. Right now I'm at Sw's place with Jabez. They're packing some stuff and I came here to chill and use the laptop. haha

I wanted to upload pictures but sw's laptop cannot read my memory card so you'll have to wait. I've uploaded pictures of Rina's Birthday Celebration on Fb. Go check it out guys!

Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie!<3
Anyway,now I'm at Jabez's house. hahahaha Using his computer! Unable to blog this past week! Yes,not used to not being able to use the computer for so long! Sigh. I skipped school twice this week and on Monday, I've Chinese O levels. I'm praying hard to score well.

This few days, I'm pretty bored. Nothing to do. Had like intense MT lessons everyday. It's hard for me to blog now with my computer screwed. So follow my twitter ok! Thank God I have bb which allows me to tweet every now and then! haha
Alright, I'll blog soon!xoxo

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