Saturday, May 15, 2010

A turn around.

Yesterday was Yong Qi's Birthday! I met Esther for ktv before that! Miss singing! hahaha
Then met Xe and we headed to meet the rest at Khatib. Sorry we were late! We took a bus to Changi Airport and I headed home early.

I met my prischool friends @ 2 and we headed to 18 chefs to makan! Met up with Xiao Qian,Pei Yu,Jun Jie and You Ping. Sharon came after that. It was really funny and we laughed at the things Junjie says 'cause he's lame. haha Srsly. & they made You Ping and I birthday cards! hahha it was so sweet! Thanks babes! (obviously Junjie didn't contribute to it) hahaha

We took pictures while waiting for sharon! Too bad that we had to leave when Sharon reached:( I felt really bad! Sorry girl meet you up real soon ok!

Then I went to meet Yong qi and we went to Shaun's place to chill out. Lots of emotions came out but all's good. hahahahha There was even a part where Yong qi tell a love story while Shaun plays sad piano.

Hahaha we drank a bit of alcohol and had club music on.  It was a little high. hhaha

Alright I'll be on the phone.

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