Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday morning,tears are flowing.

I'm in English class now. I was late for school. Now I have to serve detention tomorrow.

Anyway,I'm going to put a stop to my social life.

I'm putting a stop to everything. Except studies and God. Now's MYE period. Didn't do any revision at all. I'm going to die. But it's going to be ok. I know I've God with me.

if I fail this time round,It's a warning. I'll spend the rest of the year studying.

I believe in God more than myself. With my own strength,I can't handle the stress,anxiety and all that crap.

This is probably the worse time of the year. With problems arising everywhere,with my O's coming. I can't handle it all.

I'm going to get away. Stay away for awhile. Clear some thoughts,and be happy.

I don't know why but I dream about good dreams lately. And every time I wake up,I've got that feeling. I feel like my dream is like reality while reality is like a dream. If only that's true.

Reality is scraping away a little bit of me every hour. Sigh. Need to head to my next lesson now. Goodbye,xoxo

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