Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Before today ends,I want to wish all the Mother's out there a happy mother's day and God bless their lives,health and children. It's hard being a mother and I hope that each mother out there will be appreciated and loved. ahahaha

On Saturday, I brought my mom to Bliss Garden Restaurant for this Mother's Day Lunch.
We got there early so we walked around first and I had a donut! I miss donuts. haha random much.

Then Bryan and his family shared testimony! & there was this game where you've to write down what you wanna thank your mom for and the one thing she did for you that's extraordinary. I didn't want to join the game nor write anything at all. But since the lady beside me passed it to me(sorry I didn't get her name),and she leave half the paper blank for me to write something,I went ahead and wrote the things I wanted to tell my mom that I've never told her before. Ever. Then I won. I had to go up on the stage and read it to EVERY ONE. I was embarrassed and all but forget it. My mom doesn't really understand english but I guess she understand some parts.

Bryan acting cute here. Tsktsk.

With our table people!

Mom and I with the prize I won for my mom hahaha (yes chocolates)

Ok my mom wanted to take this 'cause she wants people to know she's been @ fu man lou. hahaha

After the lunch,Shaun,Bryan and I headed to watch 'Iron Man 2' @ Bugis. We walked around @ Iluma before that. Love the flea @ club seven! Too bad I was broke:( DAMMIT.

So yup. Today I went to Lighthouse Church with Esther. Then we headed to kfc and study for awhile and she kena dragged by me to Marina Barrage to celebrate xe's birthday. hahaha


Tomorrow's Physics Paper. Good luck to me even though I'll still get zero.

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