Friday, May 7, 2010

Imprints Exhibition

I went to Imprints exhibition with Sw last night! It was interesting. There were only a few works but they're quite nice. I'm not an Art Student or do I have any creative mind but I can see that the works have quality.

The reception where they give out freebies like lanyard and 'I <3 museums' pin.

The things on the floor are works from a female artist. (If I'm not wrong) Each ceramic bowl has things in it to represent something.

This is the artist's explanation on her work. I agree with what she said.

The slideshow at the back(which isn't very clear,I'm sorry) is a work from this guy who gathered all his past photos and his friend's past photo and put them all together to show kind of like a timeline thing. Which is rather interesting. I'm only 16 and those photos go back a long time wayyyyyyyy before I was born. So it was amusing looking at those 'old' photographs.

This is another work of this guy's story. He said he doesn't fit in that well. So from this painting,you can see 2 guys trying to stand out but also trying to blend in with the rest. & there's toy guys with fake bullets and all the army guys are actually ken from barbie dolls. hahaha nice mix.

This is a close up of the ceramic works and the notepad there has lots of tiny drawings of different things. I love the drawings!

These are other works from different artists.

I love this painting. I like how the artist paint it. With bright colours like red. It stands out and blend in as well.

@ 8 plus there was this performance art by him! He's Kelvin Atmadibrata. He didn't spoke a word throughout his performance but used his moves and we just have to see closely what he's doing and perceived what he's trying to tell us. Not easy.

He was lying down looking at a tiny merlion. The papers around him are certificates.

This is when he puts all the certificate in that container with brown liquid. & he's looking at the merlion.

This is the end of the performance and people rush up to take a few pictures of it. Oh he was eating mamee and then he placed it inside the container as well. He took out all the certificates and placed it around the fence. I kind of have an idea what he's trying to tell us but I'll keep you guys guessing and keep an open mind about it. Art is about how people perceive it right? There isn't a wrong or right answer to Art.

hahaha Sw!

After the exhibition,we went to NYDC @ Holland Village to hang out with his friends.

& I had my favorite Cookie Monster Mudpie! YumYumYum.

p/s those who didn't go to the IMPRINTS exhibition,you miss out a lot! haha

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