Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blogging on the go

I'm in the bus,feeling carsick. Damn I need sweets. But I don't have one. Now.

Today's yong qi's birthday and varsha's birthday! I was at ktv with Esther,singing our lungs off. It was hysterical. With screamings and all.
Hahaha I'm so sorry varsha! Couldn't go to your birthday party! But we're sending aunty mabel off and celebrating yong qi's birthday @ the same time. So it's hard to miss!
I'm sitting with someone unknown,so it kinda feels like I'm sitting alone. I like it somehow. I like looking out of the door and seeing lands after lands of nothingness. Trees and streetlamps.
I like feeling nostalgic. But I hate knowing that I miss you so much. Like the song I'm listening to. "You got into my bloodstream,I can feel you flowing in me".
Yes I don't feel so good. The nauseousness is killing me. I'm hungry but at the same time I feel like puking. I'm reaching the airport now. I'll come back with pictures!xoxo

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