Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another day out with Biastes

Today's service was quite good. Pastor was preaching about the helmet of salvation,sword of spirit and all that. After service we headed to Shaun's place to chill out. & we played Guitar Hero! My favorite game. hahaha

Then Bryan has to go Tan Tock Seng Hospital for a check up or something so Pastor sent him there with the girls to get food for us!

The boys and I just chilled,played games and all. Saw Caleb's bandages and felt like writing on them so I did! hahaha wrote my name on it! Then hong xiang wrote his name too! Xe wrote too when she came back. So Caleb's wounds are covered with our love for him and he'll recover quickly!

Everyone,stick out your tongueeeeeeeee 

Love the funny face!
They came back around 7 plus and we had macs for dinner! I headed back home early!

No school tomorrow! Yay.

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