Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rainbow after the storm

Yup,I'm back. Lots of things happened and I don't really like to think about it. I'm leaving it to God. 'Cause I know love is not about facts. & sometimes we've to put down things to forgive and forget and to love.

Esther's gift!<3

Dinner with Sisters!

Anyway, my birthday was celebrated simple. I went out with my sisters to have dinner and then back home for cake. Before that,on Friday, I went to Chicago the Musical with Marie,Phoebe and Xiao'En. Marie and Phoebe treated me to a birthday dinner at Swensens! It was delicious and expensive too! haha The total bill was $77! Thank you girls a lot!;)

After Chicago, contemplated whether to head to Sentosa or not. Xe was really persuading me and not persuading me at the same time. haha so in the end, Caleb and Jabez came to fetch us over. We were early so I stroll along the beach in my maxi dress. Boy, I look good. haha 'Cause maxi dress and beach are the perfect combination and if only someone was there to help me snap a few pictures. Time spent at Sentosa was mostly with shiwei and Jabez. Didn't really talk to the rest of them,so most of them were pissed at me. haha I'm sorry guys. I'm shy too ya'know;)

Gift from Bryan & Caleb!<3

Then on Sunday, I overslept. Didn't go to Esther's church. Sorry twinklebuddy! Then met Esther to study @ kfc and then I went home to prepare and met my sister to visit my dad. After that,had my hair layered thin and headed to block 131 @ msl for my birthday dinner with the boys + cynthia! It was so sweet of Alfred and Eugene to get cake for me. haha I enjoyed myself and was bloated after everything.

Monday was gloomy and typical Monday Blues. 'Cause I woke up late for school. Still did attend school. Did 2 practicals in a day. Then I went home to prepare and met Rina. Had eggtarts and went to buy tickets for 'how To Train A Dragon'. The movie is so cute and I love the dragon so much. haha Good movie indeed. I'm so going to watch 'Shuttle Island' and dress damn young for them to ask me for my ic and I can give it to them to show them that I'm already 16! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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