Monday, April 12, 2010

Nuffnang Canon Blogger Symposium

I'm so outdated. haha I'm sorry for posting the symposium pictures so late! My memory card was with someone else so I couldn't blog without pictures!

Ok so 2 Saturdays ago, I went for the Blogger Symposium alone. haha We weren't allowed to bring friends in. Luckily,I met a lost stranger named Irene and we became friends! May was irene's new friend too which became my new friend as well. hahaha Thank God for this 2 girls if not I'll be so lonely.

May,Irene and me!

I went for the Fashion Talk which was quite ok. I learnt quite a lot of things from little black dresses,stilletos to angles for photos and all.

Then everyone started to take pictures with XiaXue and of course I wanna take a photo with her! hahha

We then went outside and take pictures together!

Here are their blogs :

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