Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's fornicate all morning.

I'm not a reticent kind of person. I share everything about me. I speak before thinking. Do before thinking as well. My cardinal rule is to have fun. Often I get mistaken as being wily. But all that was done,was playful bantering. I don't always make prudent decisions. & sometimes, I'd just rather be perverse. I get tired too. That explains my supine attitude. Normally,I have a cavalier attitude to just about anything I guess. Nonchalant. Which led to a certain ambivalence towards me. Everyone was unanimous about the whole thing, I guess I just had nothing to say. It wasn't implicitly put, but so abrasively put across that turned my whole world upside down. Making me feel like I had conniving means to everyone. & they look askance at me,prodding me to admit everything. I guess I'm just being maudlin. & demented. But it all feels so galling! 'cause everything is left unsaid and hanging.  But I don't wish to open up the wound that has already been so well hidden.

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