Monday, April 12, 2010


This year,another baptism was held at Sembawang Park! Our new church member,Yong Qi got baptized together with Uncle Ken,Shaun and the rest! It was really heart-warming to see them accepting Christ in their lives. It reminded me of my baptism 2 years ago! How time flies.

First,there was service. The weather was super nice in the morning,until afternoon it started to get hot and humid again! Sigh,Singapore is such a place I cannot live in.

Half of us cabbed there,the others take car and bike.
It was real good seeing Yong Qi baptized! I know God will bless her in everything. I love her so much!

All the Youth<3

Yong Qi! 
Everyone so happy!<3
Jabez! So cuteeeeeeee
Shaun and I! He's all wet! :(
Jabez and my sexyback! 
Shaun and his 'look'!
Ashley & Erica!
5 beautiful flowers!
Krabby Patty's crabbbbbbbbbbbb
The Church!
The couple!Huiwen & HongXiang
Hong xiang!

It all ended quite ok,having dinner beside SSC with everyone. Then we headed to Caleb's place. I was feeling so tired,downed red bull and it gave me stomachache which made my night pretty sucky.
It was a great Sunday but Monday spoiled my mood on Sunday night. 

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