Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All I want is your heart.

Last week was ok. Skipped school most of the time. I'm a bad bad girl.

Friday,was supposed to go visit museum but bailed out last minute and headed to prayer meeting with Shiwei. I went all the way to city hall though. hahaha At least we had dinner there.

After prayer meeting,went to chill out with Yongqi,Rina,Caleb and Bryan. I had only 2 hours of sleep! tsktsk. Went for breakfast in the morning and met Syahilah at my place on Saturday morning. She was freaked out when she saw my frogs and turtle. hahaha  Oh they're getting hyper nowadays. Jumping around a lot. I'm going to change the waters later and I'm afraid it'll be difficult. I still don't dare to touch them. Maybe I'll learn and conquer my fear and touch my pets.

We went to angmokio to get her stuff and she had corns snow ice which was delicious (without the corns) and I had the famous crispy spicy chicken which gave me stomachache later. Hmm... Come to think of it. Nothing I eat won't bring pain to my tummy. Weird much.

Oh then we headed to Yishun,went to Safra. Wanted to swim but on weekends,it's only open to members. BUMMER. But we had lots of fun playing at the arcade. Even saw Issac there with his friends.After arcade,it was raining heavily so we kinda got stuck there. Well,then we decided it was a nice time to camwhore so we found a corner and snapsnap away.

Then to Northpoint to makan, and went to a playground near my place to camwhore yet again! It was funnnnnnnnnnn! Headed to my place to bath, and I told Syahilah about the Clean&Clear Bestfriend model competition and persuaded her to sign up for it! AND...... We're now at 7 votes. Ok not that bad, haha.

Headed to her place and we watched 'Cheaper by a dozen 2' which was hilarious. Then we went to upload pictures to facebook and register ourselves to the clean&clear competition. I was feeling damn tired so I headed off to take a nap. Syahilah then came to disturb me,but failed. hahaha I slept and woke AND slept and woke. She gave up and watched 'Parents Trap' alone. Sorry girl!

Woke up at 8 plus, had breakfast cooked by her mama. Was intending to go morning service but failed. haha we watched 'Barbie Diaries' which hang half-way. Then watched 'DOA' and 'Final Destination2' which closed half-way too. Took a few naps,dream about funny things and headed back home.

Prepared for church. Then went to kfc for eggtarts! omg my favorite. Then to Caleb's house to chill.
Headed to Aunty Kat's working place as something happened and all in all,it ended well.
Really glad to be there.

Monday was good,English papers was ok lo. Today, I skipped school. Didn't manage to do Chinese Papers. Sigh.

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