Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Wind Down

I had so much fun this weekend!

First, it was kok heng's birthday, went out with kok heng,sharon,grace and junjie. We wanted to have a picnic at Henderson wave but it was kinda raining and far and inconvenient so we went to Bugis to have steamboat!

It was the most torturous steamboat we ever had 'cause the oil kept burning us.

We headed over to esplanade and settled down outside,borrowed lighter from smokers and lit up candles on the cake and we sang a birthday song as loud as we could embarrassing our very souls and ate the cake. Kok heng treated us to drinks!

Although our time spent together wasn't very long, I had a lot fun and just miss my primary school days!

I'm looking forward to the East Coast Park outing on friday!

So after they left, I waited for Aaron to come and fetch me in his new car! Caleb and Bryan was in it and we headed to West Coast Park to play!

Reached home at 4 and today, I went to church and headed to Pastor's house for steamboat! Prepared by our dear Aunty Mabel!  We watched 'Hurt Locker' and it was quite good. But I don't get why it got into the Oscars. Anyway, Hong xiang joined us today and it was great! He said the sinner's prayer and I thank God he's going to join us for the Youth Retreat! It'll be so fun and I'm so excitedddddddd

And I know TIFFANY is going to join us! Hooray for a well-spent March Holiday!

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