Sunday, March 7, 2010

To Mount Faber

So today, after attending morning service, we headed to Mount Faber. It was great that Rina and her friend, Yong Qi is able to join us! Yong Qi is part of our group and I'm so thankful to God for he answered our prayers!

We climbed the stairs to the top,took a group picture and headed for our walk! We ran through Henderson waves (it's my first time being there!),ate ice cream,climbed through short-cuts,reached Faber Point,I took a picture with a Eurasian kid,looked through the huge binoculars took more pictures and the girls headed over to my place for steamboat!

We were so full we had to play games and eat the rest of the food as forfeit.

After eating,we played blackjack and big 2. We've got forfeits and from the pictures I think you'll be able to guess what the forfeit is. haha

They left a few minutes ago as there's school tomorrow! Sigh, I need to complete my homework and revise math AND do my quiet time.

 I have so little time!

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