Thursday, March 11, 2010

Engulfed by my four walls

These 2 days I've been staying at home and it didn't do me any good. Yes I studied for 2 hours but that's all. The rest of the day I spent it on solely computer. Don't ask me how come I managed to spend like 16 hours staring at my computer.

I've nothing to do. (or rather I don't feel like doing anything)

I've nothing to eat. (srsly,not even bread.)

This 2 'nothing-s' just sum up my whole day.

Sigh,even Spongebob couldn't make me happy.

I sigh-ed more than 10 times yesterday.

Alright I need to do my homework and stop thinking about how sucky my life is right now and concentrate on things that are more important.

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