Tuesday, March 23, 2010

During the holiday,when I'm out to play.

My march holiday was fruitful! But my homework were left aside. Still, I praise God for letting us (xe,erica,huiwen,rina,etc) students to take a break from the hustle and bustle lifestyle to really live out the kit kat slogan.

Church retreat was great,lots of spiritual revelation, especially to erica & xe and also Rina. Thank God huiwen,hongxiang and yong qi could join us! Shawn as well! It was nice to get to know them more(the new people of course,I don't have to know huiwen again if not I'll die,HA),oh and sorry shawn for stealing your bed and leaving you walking around instead of sleeping at the comfortable sofa. I doubt you'd be reading this but still.

At night,we went to Changi Hospital which was conveniently placed beside our chalet. It was not that spooky but still kinda spooky nonetheless when bryan tries to scare me and I'll scream. We went there on the 2 nights we were supposed to be sleeping.

Learnt about empowered living through sufferings and through holy spirit. Erica prophesied for everyone on Friday and for me, God told me to open my door,open my eyes and look at him. It touches my heart. Really.

Saturday, I went to huiwen's house for a dog party. The trip there nearly killed me. When I went to fetch xe in a cab,my dog saw xe's dog and got excited,came out of my bag and peed on my $99 bag. I'm just so lucky. The smell is still there even though I've tried washing it. Damn it. There were Dog cakes and biscuits! It was quite hectic 'cause of all the dogs but fun nonetheless.

Sunday was good,went for afternoon service,learnt about the 3 types of Christians and then we headed to Leb's house to watch 'The Grudge 3'. Only a few of us watched while the rest of the people were in the room praying. I should resign as a prayer warrior.

Walked home after that and nearly died for the 2nd time last week. All in all, the march holiday was well-spent but could've been better if I did my homework.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and we celebrated. Today is homework-starve day. Which means, I'll do my homework and skip dinner. Hmmm.... I'm considering whether or not I should head to bible study. So many cons compared to pros.

Oh well, I'll try uploading picture into Facebook. (I've tried more than 10 times but all failed. Hopefully it'd be up soon)

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