Monday, February 8, 2010

In the sea of papers

So well,if you don't know my computer is officially dead.

Last week,I went to the polyclinic to check on my eyes. The doctor referred me to the hospital and I had a small operation. hahaha which isn't even a operation but it hurts so yeah.

They cut my eyelid and the lump is gone. Thank God.

I'm going to Ikea soon, I'm bored and my life is as still as clear water now. BUT I had a lot of fun last weekend! I went to Jet's place for Valentine Steamboat with the guys,xe,huiwen and mary. It was fun and I loveeeee playing Guitar Hero. On Sunday,the youth group went to Bukit Timah hill to trek! It was tiring!

 Sigh, my sister wants me to take care of her baby now. xoxo

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