Thursday, January 28, 2010

School phobia

I'm blogging from my bb right now. And no I haven't gotten my bb plan but soon I'll get 'em. Maybe after chinese new year. But my bills will literally burst every month and if you don't know,I pay my own bills. Haha I know,no one cares. I hate my lousy vintage computer. Note vintage,'cause my computer is an antique. Now,it failed me. I wish my sisters' spouses will come to my place soon to help me fix it up. Right now,I'm living without a computer;(

Alright,now's supposingly my history class but my teacher didn't come,so yeah the exhilaration of free period.

Recently I don't know why but I'm starting to get tired of studying. I know I didn't do much studying but every time I tried to study, I can't help but fall asleep. There's even one time I unconsciously walked to my bed and slept there when I accidentally fell asleep. I only realised what I did when I woke up. Needless to say,I was shock. Who wouldn't be? Hhaha

I miss blogging and tumblring and facebook-ing. I miss indulging myself in the world of digital life. Especially tumblr,there's so many nice pictures and quotes I'm missing out!

Alright,I'll try to get my computer fixed and post the pictures I've taken on sunday.


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