Saturday, January 2, 2010

How I spent my Christmas!

The day I've waited for a long time is finally here! I'm a person that loves Christmas carols. I love singing Christmas songs. I don't know why,but it makes me really happy.

The beautiful green bow given by huiwen!:D

So on Christmas eve, I dolled myself up and headed for Caroling at this uncle's place. We sang,act and had buffet. After everything,Xiao 'En,Bryan and I walked to Orchard as Xe and I are going to meet Alfred and co. while Bryan is heading down to meet his friends. The walk there is torturous! I was wearing a dress and heels and I totally sweat like hell. hhaha Ok it wasn't that bad .

The worst part is when we want to walk over to Paragon, we got stuck in a human jam. Everyone was squeezing on to anyone and I tell you the scene is not pretty. Only about 15 minutes later were we able to get to Paragon. Esther,liming and Jacky were there so we chilled out over there. Waited for Alfred and co for an hour plus and headed to Lucky Plaza to look for them. Didn't realize it was a spraying zone and as soon as we reached there,we got sprayed like hell. Esther and co. left early.

Alfred and co. plus us headed back to woodlands to have macs. Saw an old friend.

Yay! Erica got Baptized!

Christmas Day,headed to church. Went for Christmas lunch which was awesomely delicious and went for Baptism at Sembawang Beach. We had early dinner as well. All made by our dear Aunty Doris! 

Then Erica,Xiao'En,Jabez,Shi wei and I headed to play basketball. 

Played very roughly,injured myself quite a bit.

We're on the screen! haha

Look who's on tv!

On 26 December, Aunty Mabel brought us to visit Doulos! This ship that is older than Titanic. We toured around and it was fun! The things they've prepared for visitors to play with. Costumes,face painting,games and all. thanks to Aunty Mabel's friends,we are able to get a private tour of the cabins! It was cool how they all lived there and volunteered to help people of the world. There's also a bookstore upstairs that sells a lot of books and our Youth group bought many books for the Youth Library. Also,I bought 2 books for myself. I haven't started reading them yet but I'll start asap!

After the tour, we went to visit this auntie. We kids couldn't do anything so we played ice and water under the blocks. Went back home after that and packed for Camp the next day. I lost my shoe bag so lovely Jabez came over to lend me his.

So that's all for Christmas eve's,Christmas,and Post Christmas. hahha


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