Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Year older for my sister

It was my sister's birthday yesterday. & guess what! I forgot about it! I was guilty ok! There were too many things going through my mind and I just couldn't think. Anyway,went home after threading my eyebrow. Took a power nap and headed to town to meet my sisters and their partners. 

We had our dinner at Waraku. It was delicious! I ordered the Bacon and Potato but I think the chilli prawn one is the best! My sister ordered it and I tried. The sauce is superb! 

We went to Paragon to buy her cake for $80+. (expensive cake)

Home to cut it, and then I went to sleep. 

Today was tiring. We had normal lessons today and I dropped a class for Mandarin! I used to be in the top class! :(         

I just received a reminder to pay my phone bills. Which is $60 plus. I'm totally broke. SHIT! 
I owe huiwen $20 too. Worse month of the year. Well, it has only just started. 

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