Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O'er the Weekend

Saturday was a long day indeed! I went to Citimac for worship with everyone. Then I headed to Tanjong Pagar to meet huiwen,Alfred and Yunlong. We drank the night away.

I reached home at 7a.m. and had a power nap for an hour. Prepared to go to church and headed to Caleb's place for movie. I felt so hung over I slept while the rest played scrabble.

For dinner, the church members and us headed to Casuarina and had Indian food! The food was good. Then we went to this area of rocks and river and we took pictures.

 After climbing,jumping about, we headed to Mustafa. Only 2 cars went as the 1 car hold working people. haha We're on holiday!

Ok,I wasted today doing nothing resourceful. Shan't talk about it. I shall go bath,do quiet time and sleep.

p/s this is a second post 'cause this screwhole blogger is a screwhole and the one that I did got deleted away and I'm so pissed.

p/p/s The rest of 'em pictures will be on Facebook.

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