Monday, December 21, 2009

Jump Girl Jump!

I went to Sentosa a few days back with Xe,Lm and Esther! We've been planning this for quite some time but Huiwen and Tiffany were not able to go:( ! Nonetheless, we had fun! It started raining a bit when we got there but we prayed and then it comes and goes. Still,it stopped raining at the end.

Didn't take a lot of pictures but the ones we took were great shots! I totally adore the ones taken with Esther's camera! The jump shots lm and Esther took were awesome! Of course,it's me that makes the picture perfect. HAHAHAHHAAHA I know right! Kidding laaaaaaaaa, I ain't so thick-skinned. haha!

After eating at Food Republic, we went home after window shopping for awhile. Then Xe and I headed to Caleb's place to practice our dance for the Christmas Skit. We stayed over in the end 'cause it was too late.

The next day,we rehearsed again and stayed over again. haha, there's a lot to practice!

On Saturday I had work,it was tiring! Today went for afternoon service and went to Pantech to rehearse.

There's work tomorrow!  Going to sleep soon!

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