Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm out of the world.

Today I went out with my sister to Bugis for dinner! We had Duck rice and went to have desserts. I ordered Aloe Vera with lime and honey while she ordered Mango Sago.

It was yummy! I love the freshness in my dessert!

*crap I'm burping as I type. Trying to stop burping but I can't. Ugh*

Ok I thought I'd study today but I failed. I woke up at 3 today! Yes pig totallyyyyyyy

But I don't care. It's good to get more sleep.

Oh oh I'm excited to straighten my hair permanently tomorrow with Sya! heheh Finally some straight hair for meee! It's always impossible for me to get straight hair. No one will ever believe this but when I was younger, I had straight flowy nice hair! Until it turned to crap when I was in Primary 6 and downhill-ed till about last year? haha Lucky my hair is better now! But still frizzy shit. :(

Oh oh and I'm reading a romance novel called 'Weekend in Paris'! I love the girl in the book! haha Too bad she met a asshole of a frenchman. Sigh, I thought the man would be a nice guy.

oh well, next year is coming so quickly. I haven't even started studying. To think I imagined myself studying throughout the holidays. Oh well, another plan failed. X'mas is coming too quickly! I'm starting work soon and I don't even have time to buy presents. I really have to buy 'em. Even if it's belated ones. I owe my friends sooooo much!

oh and my sister got me 2 perfumes! One Juicy Couture one Etude House. I think the Juicy Couture is a freebie(?) 'cause it's a small bottle.

My contct lenses has been killing my eyes for days. I threw away the old color lenses 'cause it's cheap and I thought THAT was the reason why. Then I put on my Acuvue contact lenses and my eyes STILL turned red. I guess I've been wearing contact lenses for too long. So the problem's with my eyes NOT the contact lenses. I threw them away and they've yet to expire! :(

Sigh, I need to get some cash and buy myself some goodies. But I was thinking of being less self centered and instead use those money that I'll earn to buy X'mas gift for everyone. Hmmmm.... Hard choice.

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