Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm out of rehab

So today I finally met my church people. It was a weird feeling. I felt like I just came out of rehab. I have been staying at home for the past week and it was torturous. 'cause I spent my days tryna study but failing to do it everyday. Really. My clothes are piling up now and my table's back to being a mess.

But it's alright. I went to the airport to see my sister who came back from Arizona on Thursday though.

I went to watch 'The Princess and The Frog' with my 3rd sister before visiting my Dad.

She let me drive for like 30 seconds , haha. It was fun.

On friday, I met up with Tiffany and we chilled at Gelare. Passed her my booklist and I went to meet huiwen. We headed to FLB's flea market. It was crowded. & I bought 3 item plus a Green Bow clip from sexpartner. Hehe thanks! I owe sp $20 too! I'll return her asap!

Next week will be pretty packed. Going to meet sya to reborn my fringe on Tuesday, study date with E on Wednesday,Sentosa with the girls(!) on Thursday,well Friday I'm free,except that I'm going for PM.

Then I'll be stripped off from my freedom for the next week 'cause I'm going to work. I'm still thinking when will I have time to buy camp stuff and x'mas present. I don't know whether I've breaks but I wish and hope I will have 'em. But I really have to concentrate on work and not bum around. no good no good.

It's getting late,I shall do my QT.

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