Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009

There's so much to say about 2009 that I really don't know how to start. Many things happened this year. Quarrels,Failures,Disappointment,Unforgettable Fun and a lot of other emotions.

This year, I got much closer to Erica,Jabez and Shiwei.  I made some friends and lost them as well.

My Birthday Celebration!

Halloween Party!

Travis Boy!

Haunted house Trip!

R.O.M of Jessica and Zet

Did a lot of drinking,and I got drunk for the first time. I did performances and I sang on my school mini stage. Celebrated my Birthday with a blast this year! I'm so grateful for Xiao 'En and Hui Wen who put in so much effort in letting me have a MacCelebration! & also Thanks to those who came! I pierced my tongue,my sister got married(R.O.M Jessica) My first trip to a haunted house. I went to Bintan for the first time with my family.  Had Youth camp and JDBC retreat .My first Drama Club SYF and I attained a Bronze award. I went for Drama Camp. English Church Group was out. Had a Halloween party! I got my own room. Failed Math. Aaron got his car license.Caleb got his bike license and bike. Went to a proper drink drank drunk party.
My 2nd sister had a baby boy named Travis. Sheesha-ed for the first time. Painted my nails green twice.

I tried making a singing video but I failed. My voice wasn't good enough. Had a lot of crushes on people this year too! But all didn't last long and they all left after a few days.

I made a lot of mistakes this year,a lot of stupid moves. One leads to another and I feel worse every other day. But I learnt a lot this year, I learnt to stop all those emotions rushing to my head. There were a lot of times this year I felt like giving up on everything. But God managed to always pull me up from my fall. I have a forgetful spirit. Some times I really do always forget about stuff. Even those that just happened. Maybe it's a way of letting go. haha

This year,I didn't managed to bring my family to Christ. I admit I wasn't good enough. I didn't commit myself enough. I just didn't feel like doing it, It's not that I want them to go to hell, I was just lazy. Seriously,this is one thing I NEED to conquer. Oh and one thing I learnt about myself, I give up easily. The things I do. Maybe it's laziness,maybe it's because I don't think I can do it.

My feelings are ... I don't even know how to explain. They make me like someone so easily. Without really knowing who they really are. I think most of the guys I like,are either because they're cute or because I like the idea of them. I hate how I can't differentiate between REALLY liking someone and just crushing on them. I guess it's 'cause I haven't experience really liking someone for who they are. this year,so many boys come into my life. They all leave after a while. I really do wonder whether it's really ME all along that's the problem
(I like another guy from camp and since it's the end of 2009 I'll forget about him tomorrow.HA)

Syahilah and I!

Caleb and I!

Erica and I!

Shiwei and I!

Jabez and I!

Hui wen and I! Sexpartners!

Xiao'En and I!

Esther,Liming,Xiao'En and I!

Tiffany and I!

My friends.... They've been really good to me. Some times I really do take them for granted. I'm bossy and even I don't like the way I act.  I'm self-centered and I don't care enough about them. It's the same thing that's stopping me from expressing love and care to them. & it's laziness. I hate being like this. I'll break through it with God's guidance. I'll care more for everyone and be more sociable. I want to make more friends and keep them as well. Thank God for Xiao'En,Hui Wen,Caleb,Erica,Jabez,Bryan,Shiwei,Esther,liming,Tiffany,Alfred and all the boys and girls that managed to make my 2009 a blast.  & not to forget Narin!

My relationship with God this year improved. Though it's not really much but I know it'll only get stronger and stronger.

I thank God for everything that has happened this year. The Good and the Bad. The unforgettable and the Forgotten.  There's much more learning to do and much more obstacles to overcome next year. May God bless me in my future endeavors.

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