Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bring Change

I've been nothing but a slum recently. I've been going out for failure job interviews,chilling out with friends,having fun. But I didn't save a cent nor did I study. I can't believe this is getting to me now.I've been telling myself to study but I always procrastinate and well, I've not studied shit. I tried studying a week ago,and guess what? I couldn't understand a single shit. Nothing. Nada Zip. I don't know what's happening in my head. Maybe a black hole came and suck all my knowledge away while I'm sleeping.Is that a valid excuse? I hope it is. 'Cause I've no other explanations for my missing knowledge.

I really got to pack my room as well. My clothes are already a mountain big and my papers,worksheets are stacked on top of my piano. My desk ain't that tidy either. My bags are on the floor and stacked on top of my printer. My life and my room are standing on equal ground. Yes they're both a mess. But,there's no point in me ranting my stuff over here and do nothing about it. It's easy to say change,but it ain't easy to DO change. Like the old saying 'Action Speaks Louder Than Words'. So I got to do something. Bring Change. But, seriously, I don't know  how to start.. Oh wait, I do. The difference in me last time and now,is that I've got someone to rely on. God. I'm a Christian. I know what to do to excel. Spend Quiet Time with God. But, (I know there's so many but-s now but I still got to say it) I'm such an ill-disciplined asshole I always skip my quiet time. But(! I know,again right) the new year is starting,it's a new change all over again.

It's time to put my stinky words into actions. I shall not be in denial anymore. I shall not be a slummy asshole.

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