Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bintan GetSmart Camp!

YAY! I'm back in Singapore! Ok,this camp was awesome. Unlike how I thought it'd be. The best part was I met a guy I like,haha but it was only a crush and.... being a realistic me, I know nothing will happen. But it's nice to dream about it.... HAHA  Here's a summary of what we did in the camp:

  1. 1st day,mountain climbing. Saw cutie. Eat. Learnt about commitment.
  2. 2nd day,do some activities. Did strategies,volleyball,evening activities. Dancing everyday. Learnt about integrity.
  3. 3rd day, Did reading. Learnt about responsibility and balance. Dancing.
  4. 4th Day,had campfire. & writing. Stayed in Medics room for a while.broke barrier.(plywood)
  5. 5th day woke up at 5 plus,breakfast and headed back to Sg! 
Such a summary! haha

It all happened so quickly and ended so quickly as well. There's so many things I learnt. I love the mountain climbing part a lot! 'Cause it was really fun and I didn't fall at all! Nearly did a couple of times though. But SOMEONE always managed to save me. hahaha

I didn't have the best team members around(as my friends were all in different teams except for Tiffany)but I enjoyed being with everyone of 'em! There are the people I don't usually talk to. This camp made me able to make more friends!

This camp was awesome and I totally will go for it again! ok I'm going to sleep,will blog about 2009 soon!

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