Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Awake @ this hour

So yes I can't believe I'm not tired. It's 5 for God's sake but yeah. I've a lot to do later when I wake up. I need to clear up my table,study and head to bible study.

My sister's coming back this week from Arizona! I can't wait for her to! I want to hold the baby! hahaha

Oh and I'm thinking of going to Sentosa on Wednesday. I don't know whether I should. 'cause 1) then I'll have no money for the flea market huiwen and I are intending to go to 2) I should just study at home and go swimming in the morning with Esther. Sigh, what should I do? oh my room's still half way done. I need to clear more stuff and it'll look more like a room instead of a pig sty.

ok I guess I should sleep. I won't have energy to do stuff tomorrow if I don't. shit,I'm hungry. I'll eat in my dreams.

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