Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ah Tiong Me

I went to cut my fringe yesterday. Thank God I didn't meet anyone who will criticize how I look 'cause I really look like ah tiong number 200000000000000000000. Seriously, haha. It wasn't meant to be bangs,but I cut it very short,so it looks like bangs. I'm going to push it to the side though,NOT leaving it as bangs. I'll look like typical lianzxc if I do that.

After the horrendous hair cut, I went home to wait for huiwen to prepare and I waited for 2 hours! haha I fell asleep while waiting so I didn't actually waste my time.

We headed to Funan Mall for my subway interview. But the boss wasn't there so I had to go another time. Damn it! Filled in the job application form instead. And guess what! The funniest thing happened. 3 angmoh guys came up to talk to us! It was hilarious. hahhaa I ask them to go away 'cause I'm filling up the form and it'll leave a bad record on me as the supervisor was looking at me. Too bad they went away when I'm done with the form. I wish they'd wait outside or something! HAHA That'd be fun!   Huiwen and I walked around and after a while decided to go back to cwp and have our dinner with Mary.

After dinner we went to meet Eric and chillax. We laughed and talk crap. Went to find Alfred and Zihui @ blk 131 and they ordered food and beer. We slack,eat and drink. We went home around 12 plus. It was fun though,talking crap,drinking and chilling out.

Oh well, today I'm supposed to study but I bet I won't have time to. I'll just do my quiet time and read some books. Oh and I love watching 'Hi,My Sweetheart'. I thought the show will be lame and well,not quite nice as the characters in the show are really th opposite of who they are in real life. (from what I know) BUT surprisingly it's hilarious! It's so funny! But some scenes are so sad,it makes me cry. HAHA So go watch it if you're a dreamy person like me.

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