Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday Indian Treats

English service was alright today. I love what Patrick was preaching about today. He talked about choices. The choices we make in every day of our life. It really got me thinking. I really should handle the choices I make everyday with lots of thinking. hahaha

After service we headed to Pastor's place as Patrick and his mother cooked Indian food for us! It was delicious! The dinner started at 8 and we got there early. We were starving so Xe went down to buy a packet of Chicken rice for everyone to share. Then we watched 'The Rat Race' to kill time. It was hilarious! I laugh like a retard! haha

A lot of people from church came as well! After eating,there's dessert which is Pineapples and some fruits! Everyone just chillax and chatted with one another.

Ok I think I better head to bed, waking up early tomorrow for my hair appointment and date with huiwen!

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