Sunday, November 22, 2009

Romance,together for life

 Aw,my sister had her R.O.M today at Changi Airport's Crowne Plaza Hotel. It was friggin' hot. The weather nearly killed everyone. Other than that,it was awesome. I enjoyed the food,the wine and well,the whole solemnization. Hehe, my sister was so EXTRA pretty today! (which means she's pretty any other day) haha. Ok, the groom's dashing too. Ha, not reluctantly though.

So after the 10 minutes of exchanging vows, we went downstairs to eat the buffet! My eldest sister and I were the 'reception girl' as we sat there and ask people to write in the guest book. My sister and I were so hungry we went to eat after a while. I love the yam roll(?), it's sweet! Yum, the cakes and dessert were so friggin' awesome. Not only are they good-looking, they taste great too! hahaha

After everything, photo taking and all,we went to their hotel room and chill out. I watch tv and slept for awhile before we leave to get dinner. haha, funny how we went to Macs for dinner 'cause everywhere else is so crowded! We went back to the room to drink,take some more random photos and headed home.

I wasn't able to make it to AuntyMabel's DaMa's funeral. sigh, I really wanted to go but my sister's friends tell me it ain't nice going there after ROM. It's like 2 different celebrations in a day. (She's a Christian so it's a celebration that she went up to heaven!)

Oh, as I'm writing this post just now, I stopped halfway to 1. Shred my tee 2. Bath . haha, I can so multi-task.

ok I've to head to Jabez's place to do songs for tomorrow. Tata

(photos on FB alr)

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