Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pink & Green that makes my day

Don't everyone just totally love this weather? I mean,raining and all. It'd have jeopardize people's plan of sunbathing and all but I love the friggin' weather. I can finally wear clothes with sleeves. Seriously. haha, I can finally wear my sweaters out! Love the weather!!
So yesterday I went out in the morning to visit my 2nd sister's new apartment. My mom wanted to do some prayer ritual. The flat is small but very nice. It looks like a condominium and there's a hallway! I love hallways. After everything is done,we headed to hougang to grab Mac breakfast! I totally love my pancakes. Yumtumtum. My eldest sister and I  took the train home,prepared and headed to Bugis. She spent $300plus on dog food, $400 on cosmetics and well the rest on Watsons and me. She's got $900 vouchers, and I didn't spend anything on clothes. I spent $60 on my nails, which are screwed up now. Pissed man. Nevermind, I love my toe nails color though.I treated my sister to NYDC using the voucher she's supposed to give me. hehe, I love the Cookie Monster Mudpie. Serious yums. Headed home after that, It was quite ok, at least I spend some time with my sister!
Oh and my sister's ROM is on Saturday! I'm so excited for her! I did my nails totally to look good on that day! But I guess I'll be wearing my old heels, sigh. No money to buy new ones, never mind. I'm going to thread my eyebrow later. I know it's going to hurt! Hate it but you know the saying, no pain no gain. haha

Ok, I got to go prepare and go visit Xe with Erica!

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