Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Party & Syahilah's Birthday Outing!

I celebrated Halloween this year! We held a private Halloween party at Caleb's place and we only invited our close friends.(initially it was only close friends,but we broke the rule a bit.) It was fun, though not party-ish but it was warm and fuzzy. We had spaghetti and snacks and drinks! Scary music was played for awhile and then we chill out. Played Blind mice in the dark and it was fun. Rodney came late so everyone hid in the room and frightened him! It was so hilarious. Then we went out to the estates and walked around, looking at everyone wearing costumes! It was fun and we asked strangers to help us take a group picture. We then went back and watched 'Ju On'! It was scary! Esther and Xe came and joined us for the movie. Esther went back home after awhile. Some of us were hungry so we went to kopitiam to get supper. We got bored and decided to watch another movie, "Seed Of Chucky". It was hilariously scary. There were disgusting scenes,Chucky is soooooooo horny! Well, I went home at 5a.m. 'cause I'm heading out with Syahilah! I wanted to go to church! But I was too tired, fell asleep straight after Uncle J called me): I felt so guilty for skipping church! I need to spend time with God more!

So I met Syahilah @ msl Mrt @ 2 plus. We went to Science Center and the Body World Exhibition. It was interesting and fun! Though we realized there was nothing to do after that,'cause Science Center closes at 6, we went to Syahilah's block and took pictures. It was hilarious when we tried to do self timer and all that.

Went back to my place to change and stayed over @ Syahilah's place! We watched 'New York Minute' again, haha. It's our tradition! Then we went to bed at 1 plus. We had to wake up early as Sya has school!

Though the times I spent with her weren't as exhilarating as how you'd feel on a roller coaster, but the times I spent with her were priceless! It was a simple and great day & I hope she enjoys it!  Awaiting our next outing together! xoxo

(pictures uploaded to FB)

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