Sunday, October 4, 2009


So here's my current updates on my mundane life. So I've been resolving to study but the actual bit isn't there. I've only managed to do a bit on History, not touched on other subject yet. & I've did quite a bit for Art. Not much either though. My studies are totally CMI. So I'm depending on God now and I'm seeking and asking for His wisdom to impart a small teeny weeny bit to me. That'll be enough. hahhaah.

Oh and well, updates on my life, as the dominant reason for this post. I've went with the Old Folk's Home. It's called something like eh, Christian's Home for the Aged(?) and I've celebrated lantern Festival with my friends and my cute niece. hehe.

Ok, I'm done with the updates and I'm a bit puzzled by the attention I've been getting from one of the FB's application. So funny. But whatever. I've to sleep now. G'night non-existent readers.

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