Sunday, October 18, 2009

SSC wonderland

So today I couldn't get up for Chinese service. I slept at 4 yesterday, that's why. I was uploading photos to photobucket and updating my blog. Hehe, I'm sleeping early tonight though, 'cause I'm going to Airport @ 6 to send Pastor and Aunty Mabel off! They're going to Melbourne for 3 weeks? I'm going to miss them so so so so much! I hope nothing will go wrong when they're gone!

So today after English service, we were racking our brains,figuring out where to head to. In the end, we decided to go to SSC and chill out. We walked around and did something for Aunty Mabel as a farewell gift for tomorrow!  Hehe,I owe Erica $3! (In case I forget) We went to eat at Aston and the queue was damn long. The food was good though, so full after the meal. Yumyum, haha.

After dinner we walked around, went to Cotton On. And I saw Marcus!! haha. Went back home after that. Xe, Erica and I were playing the 'Touch and Get Points' game. haha. So obscene! I was reproaching myself for not bringing my camera out today!! I didn't know we'd go out. *sigh* So many photo-worthy moments I missed! It shall be a lesson learnt! I'll bring my camera EVERYWHERE. haha. 'cause I realise everything when I don't bring my camera out, something will happen. Like an event that's photo-worthy and stuff. Ugh, stupid.

Anyway, am listening to sad songs now! Make me feel even sadder!! ):< *sigh* Life just totally bring you down sometimes. I should just laugh it off right?  My dog is acting crazy. Running around the whole house. haha, so hilarious.

OK, I should stop blogging and sleep. G'night people.

P.S I'm excited for tomorrow's outing with E,T,LM and Xe!!

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