Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I've got...


Preview tickets to watch 'Coraline' from ! hahah. I'm so elated about it! I'm watching it in 3D too!! I bet it'll be fantastic! The graphics and everything. It's such a cute movie. hehe. I'll blog about it when I come back! Go watch it when it comes out! I bet it'll be great. hehe

On a side note, EXAMS ARE OFFICIALLY OVER. I'm so glad it's over. But I'm one step closer to 'O' levels.  I'm not one bit happy about it. I've to start mugging real hard. If not I'll never get anywhere. Besides, it isn't so hard to study right? It's just that I haven't been putting enough effort in everything I do. I need to put in more effort!!  I'm praying fervently for God's favor to let me be able to proceed to next year. I'm so scared but I'm not supposed to be. If I prayed and I'm still sad and worried, which means I don't have enough faith in God. Or ANY faith to begin with.

Oh well, this was supposed to be a happy post about my free tickets. Now the happiness is drained by my studies. *sigh*

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