Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finally I'm back

YES, I finally could blog. Again. 'cause my keyboard spoil and I've to get a new one. ):< So troublesome. Thank God for my sister who went to get it for me twice! hheheh, I love my new keyboard only because it's new. Other than that, it's quite an old model and it's not easy to type. ):< But whatever, I've to make do with what I have.

HAHA, Chin Yi just indirectly say he's scared of me! wahahahaha, I'm an evil person.

Oh I've got tons and tons of photos that I've not uploaded YET. So stay tune alright? I guess I'll upload them after EOY. I'm supposed to study the whole day today but I managed to study a bit only. Tomorrow's church is in the morning and I've to wake up early 'cause I pray and hope my G'ma will go.

Oh well, I'm too tired to do anything else. I'll post again soon with at least SOME pictures.

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