Friday, October 9, 2009

Another week..

Sigh, another week has ended. Now it feels like the holidays are coming. I know I should be happy but I'm worrying for 'O' levels next year. IF I'm able to be promoted to Sec 4 that is. I know I will. God's grace is immeasurable. Hehe. I know I'm supposed to be on Hiatus, but I guess I can't resist NOT blogging. I'm still withholding pictures that I've taken that are sooooooo long ago but I promise I'll post 'em all up! By hook or by crook! So wait for it yeah? haha. I'm half-way through exams now! There's still 4 more papers to go. One of them includes Art. Which I haven't done any research yet. But I did primary and development drawings already. I'm left with the final layout.

Math paper 1 was not well done. Am worried for Paper 2. The paper I'm worried about most is Pure Biology! It's a 2 hour paper! I've to write a lot! I know there's a lot of structured essay and the questions are going to be tricky. I've to practice a lot and make sure I understand everything. Math paper 2 requires a lot of brain cells too. And both papers are on the same date. Can I get any happier ?

Chemistry next Monday! I've to practice on my ionic equations and what not-s. Damn , I really have no time. I need to prioritize my time properly but I'm not good at that. Oh well, who cares. There's still a part of me that's elated that holidays are coming! Which means, working,shopping and having fun!! No need to wake up early for school! Hehe. My aim for this holiday is to spend time with God and study. These are the most important thing in my life!!

ok, I shall not think about what to do after the exams 'cause it's not over yet! I've to mugmugmugmugmug!

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