Monday, September 14, 2009

Finding Delight in Studies

I missed school today, had massive stomach ache in the morning. It was so torturous I never want to go through it again. Puked . Even had diarrhea. Ugh,. painful.

So I've got a few assignments for me to do today. Which is :

  1. Study for Vocab Test
  2. Do exercises on Math
  3. Revise Chemistry
I'll be meeting Sp @ the library in about 45 minutes. I've not prepared yet. My sister's back from overseas and I'm not sure whether I should stay. But I've already agreed to go with huiwen so I should keep to my words. Oh and guess what came in the mailbox today? No, not F21 package, not Topshop package(though I wished it was) but my Daily Bread books! hahahaa. Now I've got a couple of introductory edition to give to my friends. I gave one to my sister and I hope she'll read it and believe in Jesus Christ who saved my life as well as so many others.

Ok, I really have to go and prepare my stuff/xoxo

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